The Wind Listens

I remember when I used to talk to the wind. It is not a matter of belief, or childish imagination. Rather, it is a sense of blissful ignorance, that instinct to talk to the inanimate in case there is a possibility of more to the inanimate, to the offspring of the true queen, Mother Nature. The wind is not, necessarily, alive and interested in the ramblings of a five year old girl living in suburban Lester, England, and yet she, the five year old, still whispered sweet nothings into the breeze. The comfort of a constancy which is so prevalent in the summer breeze is what hooked me, hooked like the calm dance of the laundry on the clothes line. It is the comfort of a listening force, the promise of secrecy, and the absence of fearing interruption. Words to notions to ideas to firm beliefs spill out of my mouth for the wind to carry away, over the sea to a different indifferent continent. She takes and caresses me in her chilled arms, as she blows the pixie-cut strands of hair out of my round face with her cold breath. She lends her figurative ear as she pushes me on my plastic swing in a garden deprived so. She never answers. She never criticizes. She does, however, listen. Listens to the troubles of a kindergartener. And you and I, in her debt, must listen as well. Listen to the chimes she plays with in the vain attempt to communicate. Listen. Truly listen. Listen.Β 



The peculiar sensation of being sick.

Now, I realize that the topic of malady has been suggested and turned and simmered and digested enough by everyone, especially for anyone currently in the northern hemisphere. But I do believe that if I don’t effectively purge my system of the somber and miscellaneous reaction to feeling ill, I’m pretty sure I just might explode into a horrible, comical, quite heated rant that will never end.

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an ASK.FM question I wanted to share

What is your favorite childhood memory?
sitting on a swing my dad got for me in our backyard in England when I was five. I was eating a small piece of chocolate cake i got from school wrapped inside this little blue and purple tissue paper with a ribbon. I was watching and just enjoying the peace. it was just after it had stopped raining so that smell of nature was about and the sky was all gray and smooth and the birds were playing in the puddles, animals were starting to come out.. I even saw t his hedgehog kind of move between two bushes in the corner of the flower bed. My blue slide had water on it, and droplets were falling on it from the tree above it and was sliding down, I remember getting really anxious when a drop was about to fall. the grass was sort of moving against the wind… I remember every detail and I’m extremely happy I do.