One Day

One day they will have accomplished their lives and lie next to each other 6 feet deep, lulled to sleep by the melody of Mother Earth, and drawn out of it by their Father into a brilliant world where they will stand, side by side, awash in white light. Luminescent.

Now, however, in this moment, right now: he whispers a final “goodnight”, teetering on a laugh as if something is funny. Maybe there is something funny. She never really knows, and probably never will.

Artwork by Emiliano Bastita

Right now she presses her head against his chest to listen to his heartbeat and slow down her own, but one day she will be looking out to the sea, standing on the shores of Prince Edward Island. Continue reading “One Day”


Paling Bodies and the Effing Media

Everywhere I go, there’s some story. I’m always hearing the story of people who have reached the peak of success, from whispers on the street to a grand announcement on CNN. They’re all the same. There’s a pattern in each and every one of them. It almost seems like the more you suffer, then the more triumphant you’ll come out, and you know what? It’s true. Continue reading “Paling Bodies and the Effing Media”