She is a Tidal Wave

She’s a heart throb
She makes the creatures of the world crawl and beg
For a piece of her to take home.

Is where the heart is,” she says,
“I’ve left mine there.
I venture
Amongst lost souls
As a guiding light
To take you back ‘home’
Only to devour you
Drink you until you are empty,
Until I am satisfied for another day.
My lips are red
Because I sip blood.
My hair is ebony
And darker than the cover of night.
My eyes are silver
Because the moon is trapped in them.
My teeth are white
And picked clean of your troubles.
I am a god
And you are nothing
But a grain of sand
To my tidal wave.”



Letters from Demeter

Dear Hera,
I received your letter on the gossip about my daughter, Persephone, and her husband, Hades. Very informative. The fact that they’ve separated and are living on opposite sides of the Underworld is very scandalous, you say, but I’m hardly surprised. The sanctity of marriage is at an all time low… Oh, I’m sorry, wasn’t that your area of expertise? No offense, I guess.

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She smelled of flowers and sweat and she was beautiful. Her jaw was hard set and locked in determination. Her eyes were wide with wonder, because the moon lived inside of them, and the stars caught fire in her palms. She was quiet but her silence was fierce, crackling like the dying embers under a pitch black sky. Her words churned your soul like the angry sea during a purple storm, threatening to engulf you- nothing but a small vessel- into darkness. Her glare stroke fear into the hearts of grown men and passion in young women. She was a nebula disguised as one of us, and nothing gave her away except one thing-

her thirst to be more.