One of Those Days

Today I was definitely in one of those “don’t mess with me or I will rip out your uvula” moods.

I’m a sympathetic person. If you’re telling me about your problems, like how your mum is on your back or you have a heavy workload or you’re too nervous to talk to your crush or whatever, I will listen and nod along because that’s just what people need sometimes… even if I don’t necessarily give a flying butt about the problem. I know the feel, and there’s nothing more upsetting than feeling ignored.

But today- it was just one of thoseย days, man. Continue reading “One of Those Days”


an ASK.FM question I wanted to share

What is your favorite childhood memory?
sitting on a swing my dad got for me in our backyard in England when I was five. I was eating a small piece of chocolate cake i got from school wrapped inside this little blue and purple tissue paper with a ribbon. I was watching and just enjoying the peace. it was just after it had stopped raining so that smell of nature was about and the sky was all gray and smooth and the birds were playing in the puddles, animals were starting to come out.. I even saw t his hedgehog kind of move between two bushes in the corner of the flower bed. My blue slide had water on it, and droplets were falling on it from the tree above it and was sliding down, I remember getting really anxious when a drop was about to fall. the grass was sort of moving against the wind… I remember every detail and I’m extremely happy I do.