What Sanam is Up To

Other than going to UofT for English and Creative Representation in Society, Sanam is currently working as Editor with the Bay Street Journal, where she works closely with influencers and leaders in the business, technology, health, and creative industries. Her main responsibility is directing a team of content writers in creating bite-sized, epiphany-inducing content that will engage and build an audience. She has an eye for valuable writing that will really change the way people who are looking to build a career are thinking about the steps they are taking in a now digital world.

The Bay Street Journal is a premium publication that strives to introduce young dynamic professionals to one another. Together, they envision a strong network of influential individuals who can share and build upon each other’s experiences.BAY-STREET-JOURNAL-LOGO.png

So Far…

Sanam started out in the editorial industry when she was just 15, where she interned at BCS Group, a publishing company for multiple magazines targeted towards the disabled/handicapped community. She wrote the following pieces while also taking up the responsibilities of a front desk receptionist. Since this was her first publication outside of high school endeavors, it was pretty exciting to see her writing being distributed all over Canada. It was a humble start.

In her last year of high school, Sanam was honored with the Pierre Berton Senior Poetry Award, for an altered version of her slam poem “I, Hestia”, which was awarded out of all the senior grades at Earl Haig Secondary School.

Sanam also received the Heather Patterson Scholarship, which is given to the student who has contributed the most to the English department of Earl Haig Secondary School. She was in all the classes the English department had to offer, including Literature Studies and Writer’s Craft, out of sheer passion for writing and language. She had contributed and competed in high school slam poetry competitions, volunteered in events hosted by the English department, volunteered at the school library during her spares, and maintained an 85+ average in all her classes, including her English courses.

I really owe this all to the amazing teachers and my colleagues who supported me throughout my high school career and provided me with inspiration and motivation to continue what I was doing.

Goals for the Future

Sanam has always wanted to work with other writers to hone amazing content. Editing is a passion of hers, having tutored ESL students in high school and always helping out other students craft strong essays. She has her eye on publishing and editing, hoping to one day edit novels and turn manuscripts into best sellers. She has always had an intuition for good writing as well as an appreciation for other writers’ voices. Having her own creative goals (like publishing her own novel one day!), she feels that going into publishing is her natural calling.