Hypocrites and High Horses

The thing about hypocrisy is that no one, not a single person in this world, is exempt from it. Everyone is a hypocrite. This has been established already, by much smarter individuals than I.

But you know what else human beings are? Pretentious.

It’s natural. When someone gets excited about something that you knew about and gushed over ages ago, the superiority complex immediately settles in and you can’t help adopting a cool, just a little dismissive tone as you say “yeah… I know. I knew about them/that/those/whatever like… three years ago.”

Especially today with the neo-hippies who call themselves “hipsters” traipsing all around the place, it’s even easier to assume this holier-than-thou attitude, because being mainstream is just embarrassing now. To be mainstream is to be basic, and who likes being called basic? I don’t imagine a lot of people do.

The thing is, now that hipster culture has become so prevalent, even being hipster is mainstream. To be a true hipster you have to come out on top as a hipster hipster. I mean, what sort of garbage title is that?

At one point, being unique and different just meant throwing on a flower crown, wearing boho clothes, and bam! Congratulations, you’ve graduated to the elite hipster.

But don’t think for a second that you’re quite that unique yet because now I must introduce, ladies and gentlemen, a concept which usually ruins a lot of fun – capitalism!

As soon as the big dogs got a sniff of this burgeoning culture of hipster, they instantly merchandised it. Just like that, being a hipster was demoted to being the worst of the worst you could be: mainstream. The vicious cycle will surely continue.

So I just want to put something out there.


Not to sound too Holden Caulfield – that’s right, I even slipped in a pretentious reference to drive my point – listen: who cares if you like to wear flower crowns and drink Starbucks and draw the infinity sign on your wrist? Who cares if you wear slouchy outfits with bright sneakers? Who cares if you listen to underground music you found on 8tracks? Who cares if you read books that aren’t appreciated anymore, or ache over art that is so avant-garde it’ll only be appreciated when the creator is dead? Who cares?

I’ll tell you who: hipsters. Hipsters care. And you know what? Good for them!

Hipsters and hippies aren’t any more superior to the people who listen to the top 40 and wear uggs with sweat pants, or to goths or preppies or what have you – and no one is more superior to hipsters. C’mon people, get over yourselves!

People can like what they want, wear what they want, be who they are, and still be nice to others. The people who annoy me is anyone, hipster or not, who acts like they are better than anyone who doesn’t fit in their social group. Stop telling me about how cultured you are, please. I got it the first couple hundred conversations we had about, I don’t even know, an obscure writer who lived in the nineteenth century, whose writing you think is superior to all the “Twilight-y, adrenaline inducing, childish garbage Hollywood has introduced as top notch art.”

If you enjoy something then fine, feel free to tell me all about it. I love to discover and learn about new things I was previously unaware of. Hell, you can even rant to me about how much you hate it. But if you come up to me acting like I should be kissing the ground you tread because, holy cow, you wear thrift apparel!!!!!

Not happening, love. Keep on strutting in the opposite direction because I don’t have time for that bull crap.

I think, as someone who is involved in quite a lot of “fandoms” as well, like Harry Potter and Dr Who and all of that, I see this sort of pretentious attitude within those communities as well. For example, I consider myself a Marvel fan, even though I haven’t really read any comics and have only watched the movies. Yes, that’s right. Only the movies.

Does that make me any less of a fan of Marvel? Does this make me a “fake fan”?


I like the thing. No, I don’t know the ins and outs of its history or industry, but I do enjoy the films. Therefore, I am a fan. Simple as that. There is no such thing as a better fan. Maybe more devoted, more obsessive, more knowledgeable, but not better. The only thing that would constitute you as better than me is probably if it had something to do with math. Or sports. Or… pie eating contests, I would definitely suck at those. Yes, in those cases, you’re probably better than me (but I digress).

If you’re more “cultured” than I am, that doesn’t make you a better human being. If you act like it does then, out of the two of us, you’re probably the less mature person, and therefore… well, I’m more mature than you. If there has to be a than here, I win.

So there.

Just… take a breath, folks. People can like and do what they want. If someone doesn’t do what you do, or know as much as you do, don’t use that as something against them.

This is as much of a self reminder as it is a rant, you know. I, myself, have acted snooty because I may have read something years ago that has only now started to become popular. But I want to be able to police myself and think “hey, whoa there, who do you think you are? Sliced bread? Think again.” Like I said in the beginning of this train wreck of a post, people are hypocritical as much as they are pretentious, and I’m no special snowflake. No one is, really. Sorry to burst your bubble, but hey, that doesn’t mean you have to be  yourself any less than you currently are! Celebrate who you are with the people like you as much as you like. Just don’t rub it off in the faces of people who don’t conform to your lifestyle or worldview.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to step off my high horse and go watch Frozen for the twelfth time. I am going to karaoke to every single one of the songs. Yes, even Let It Go. And you know what else? I’m going to love every single second of it.





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