Why I Don’t Believe In The Right To An Opinion (Or How To Piss Off Everyone In Your Vicinity)

Opinions are so damn complicated. We’re human, right? I think so. Whether you believe humanity is just an abstract concept or not is up to you, really. It’s not for me to decide what you have to think.

What do I think of opinions? You’d think, at this point, I have some kind of riff with it, but I really don’t. In fact, I bloody love opinions. Opinions are the best. Opinions are what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. It’s what makes us… human. Again, whether you believe in that humanity stuff is up to you.

My problem isn’t opinions, no. My problem is people with opinions, or to put it more eloquently, people with opinions who just don’t shut up.

Hey, expression is great. Express yourselves! But don’t continue to annoy people who don’t have the same opinions as you.

There it is. That’s where I’m going. Listen, I don’t give a fly if your opinion is different from mine. I believe in equality for everyone, and I also believe that Taylor Swift’s latest album was her best one yet. That’s what I think. Great.

If you don’t agree with me, please try to convince me otherwise. By all means, go ahead! Challenge what I think, because I would love to think differently!

You can challenge me and say that people in jail get too many benefits and therefore don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else because a), b), c); you can tell me that no, Taylor Swift’s country style was better than her pop music ability, because it fits her vocal range better. Fine! Please, I beg of you, inform me with real evidence and critical thinking, with perspectives I haven’t considered and concepts I wasn’t aware of!

Cool! Amazing! Gold star for you!

But for the love of God, don’t repeat yourself with a single affirmation. Don’t keep telling me that Donald Trump would be the best or worst president in all of American history and leave it at that, because seriously? That won’t convince me. You’re just determinedly ignorant if you have zero reasoning for what you think.

Someone once said something that sums up everything I’m trying to say pretty perfectly. They told me that she doesn’t believe in the whole “people have a right to an opinion” thing. She says this is because people will use it as a way to say whatever they want or think without consequence. It’s like someone yelling terrible things at you, then adding “no offence!” at the end as if that excuses the behavior (which it doesn’t, by the freakin’ by).

You can’t just say whatever you want, then use that “right to an opinion” crap to justify it. An opinion must be backed up with evidence, with statistics, with some kind of logical reasoning. Otherwise, someone just coming in through the door and telling me that “the Yellow Wiggle was the worst Wiggle” isn’t an expression of opinion; it’s garbage, because they’re just claiming something without any support. They need to tell me why they think the Yellow Wiggle was the worst Wiggle. Who knows, maybe they’ll tell me something I don’t know! Because one thing is for sure: you can’t learn anything by winning an argument or debate. You only learn by losing one.

Please, tell me what you think. Challenge what I’ve said, or insert something about Taylor Swift. Go nuts. I believe in open-mindedness, and I believe in freedom of speech: as long as it’s an actual opinion. Give me a thesis, then prove it.

Because yes, ignorance is bliss. But it’s actual living hell for the people around you.

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