99 Word Biography

Beginning: Late August. Light. Color. Gardens with daffodils. Swings and sweaters. Mum. A mermaid. Suburbs and neighbors.

Lazy weekends. Grandma. Museum. Pretend. Bitter.

New! And vast! Beauty? Beast? Dad. Names? Different. Challeng…ing brother?! Rival. Companion. A haircut. A scooter.

Accident. Stupid! BETRAYAL?! Nah. Internet?! Embarrassing. History? Amazing.

Some doubt. Some talent. Music, and writing! Motivation. Cursive. Stories. Awkward.

Anxious, breathless, nervous, bruises. Words, trends and politics.

Determined to imagine. Drama. Acception. An armchair. Help… scary… confessions.

Competition. Ambition. Growth. Opinions. A lesson. Talk – and listen. Some sugary poems.

Pressure. Future.

Brand new adventures.

Beginning: the end of beginning.


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