Killing Me Softly… No Wait- Fly Me To The Moon

Fly me to the moon, let me play amongst the stars…

Let me see what spring is like on

Jupiter and Mars…

Yes, shoot me into space and let me float, let me try to catch the colorful dust and toxic gas in my palms. Let me see what it is like on a world outside our own, let me play with the celestial beings as if I were in a nursery, like the universe is my nursery. Let your entity be my toy, let me play with you until I’ve smashed your grainy molecules into a bright, bright star that will b u r n for eons.

Fill my heart with song

and let me sing forevermore…

You are all I long for

all I worship and adore…

Let my voice lull you into a deep slumber, let your soul be played like the strings of a chello, let your pale skin be the music sheet I write my song on. Nevertheless I will become the melody of your voice- when really your heart will throb horribly like the bass beat of my steps. I am merely a siren looking to toy with the substance of your mind, then throw you away into the burning fires of your own soul.

In other words, please be true…
In other words, I love you…

Oh no, oh no. Oh dear, dear me. Have you fallen in the paisley trap so hard that you cannot even begin to burrow yourself out of the thistles? How dim must you be, how thick like my iron will must you be? How much porcelain makes up the substance of your body?

You are nothing but a universe to me. And a universe is flimsy. Why?

Because it was so boring, with its black and endless drone, that it needed a massive explosion with the power of countless nuclear explosions to become something almost exciting. It ripped itself into shreds just so it can exist, just to say it has existed, just so it can become an existence.

An that is all you are.

An existence.


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