It’s funny how until the age of about 13 or 14, I thought the world was better now, or at least where I live in, ye olde Canada. I thought that racism didn’t exist anymore, and that everyone was equal despite sex/gender, orientation, ethnicity, beliefs, and everything else that makes us different.

And then I grew up a bit… and switched on the news.

And now all I ever think about is the possibility of WW3, and how I’d survive that.

But then I thought- I wouldn’t. I literally wouldn’t. Because if the world does finally burst and rip into fully fledged war against itself (which is eminent and pretty much already happening), the amount of time it would take for us to kill everyone off would take at least a year.

That got me to thinking… what about the stuff being pulled under the carpet?

The amount of progress we’ve achieved since the past world wars has been colossal. As Barack Obama said in his debate with Romney in 2012, “…the nature of our military has changed.” Yes, the military has become more efficient and ‘effective,’ but really, is that a good thing? Is it something to be proud of?

I’m pretty sure that somewhere right now, a weapon exists that can literally wipe all life right off the planet with a button. It sounds comical, maybe something you’d see Tom accidentally press in Tom and Jerry, but it’s so possible!

And then there’s the actually conflict. The things we see on the TV with Ferguson/America, Palestine, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, North Korea, Hong Kong/China, Syria, parts of Africa… I mean, that’s all we do hear about. Or that’s all I remember, I don’t know about everything happening right now, nor all the details (and I won’t pretend I do).

But surely, surely there’s more going on. The media can’t possibly report everything, as much as we like to think they do.

I can continue to write about how everything happens for a reason, or we have to appeal to our better natures, or we should try to resolve these conflicts before it happens, or God will save us, if I was religious.

But… I don’t know if I’d be lying or not.

Because better nature, it exists. But apparently not within the majority.


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