Midnight messages of the diseased mind

Coffee, coffee, pumpkin spice,
Will you hold my hand tonight? x

My Staedler eraser is made of mars plastic-
Wanna go out to space? x

Darling, smell the roses bloom
as the rain drops fall more rapidly than my tears…
I was fooled. x

I’m electrically charged with anger
And you are fluid as the blood in our veins
We could be amazing together. x

My smile is cryptic, and
My mind is down a rabbit hole.
Alice never needed anyone
To live her dream. x

My lips are drier
Than your ability to love. x

The gap between my lungs,
The gap between your fingers.
They’re relative because
You pried me open. x

I fell asleep
And drifted off
I can hear music…
Before, it used to be your voice. x

I long for you. x

I hate you. x

I read the other day
That the universe could be a simulation
In someone’s mind.
How truly cruel they must be. x

Your shadow always blocked the sun
Today I finally felt its warmth
How terribly beautiful. x

I spilled milk
Then I thought of you. x

How bittersweet. x

I loved you.
But trains going in the opposite direction are bound to crash…
The journey was enjoyable though. x

I’m free. x


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