Ending Selfie Hate 2k14

I see so much hate going around for people who take selfies, which I don’t understand at all. People should be able to feel beautiful and capture that moment if they want to- they’re not being conceited or shallow, they simply love themselves! Since when has that turned into being a selfish person?

Especially when it comes to girls, people assume that self-love or even self-esteem qualifies as being ‘over-confident.” This is a toxic idea that needs to be EX-TER-MIN-ATED because seriously, if we can’t love ourselves then how are we ever going to get anything done?

As for people who make their selfies wallpapers- good for them! Good for them because whenever they open their phone or tablet or whatever, they remind themselves that they are hella cute!

We should end selfie-hate and start loving ourselves for the beautiful people we all are.



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