My Favourite Quote

When someone asks me what my favourite quote is, it takes me a second to reply, because how on earth am I supposed to choose my favourite sentence out of the whole world of phrases and one liners? Fragments of a thought, and I can only choose one? That’s hard!

But lately I’ve been thinking and I think I’ve finally decided. My favourite quote is:

                                                                            “I love you.”

I think this simple expression is the most beautiful in the world- not just because of what it means, but because of its power.

You can tell this to anyone, and the reaction can mean the world or break your will. It can be used for happiness, for any kind of love (familial, platonic, romantic, etc), for celebration, for revelation…

But it can also be the most destructive phrase ever- you can use it as an excuse, as justification, to deliberately hurt someone, for confusion… and worst of all-

You can say it- and not mean it.

The ferocity of these words- the bending, the shaping, the wording, the exaggeration- it’s all so powerful. These words hold more power than the code to a universal bomb. And this power makes it so appealing, so, so-


Because anyone can use it- it’s up to you to decide how.


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