It’s amazing how a series of sounds can evoke so much emotion. It’s really just a bunch of beats and pitches, but somehow you can feel the very substance of your soul moving to the different textures in the music that you are listening to.

And for everyone it’s something different. For some it’s Bach and for others it’s Drake. For some it’s Green Day and for others it’s Taylor Swift. And for some people the music is so obscure and unknown they take pride that their personal selection of varying sounds.

We all come from different backgrounds, which lets us all explore different plains of emotion when we listen to any given genre or artist or song. The relationship between the listener and the artist is the same between a reader and the writer. We all take something away. We all relate to something different.

Music… becomes you for a snippet of time before the song ends and moves on to another, and you become someone completely different. Because with music comes the gift of character switches. One moment you might be a floating entity above, playing among the stars, and then suddenly you can become a condensed ball of anger and disdain, as the sorrow rips through you like a wave crashing on rocks.

So feel your heart beat to the bass, your head dizzy from the vocals, and your fingers quiver with the strings, and your heels click together as you merge yourself with the music. Because it is a part of all of us- and it’s the one thing human beings can’t mess up.


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