A Poem You Read

There’s something irresistibly poetic about the unknown and the uncontrollable. Stars, the moon, fire, the weather, the angry churning sea-vast and feisty as these elements are, we are captivated by them. The universe doesn’t give two turds but we still strive to encompass our thoughts and catch fragments of our wandering notions in a butterfly net made of a vocabulary almost entirely made up of that which we are curious about. Because we do not know, we all have different ideas of what it is, which makes things all the more unique to every reader, writer, portrayer. And as our minds engulf themselves into a realm of unattainable possibilities, our fingers grope for a hold on the world’s horns and try not to go insane-because dammit- we are irrevocably human.


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2 thoughts on “A Poem You Read

  1. Do you think that’s true or are we always talking about something else when we talk about the “unknown” but we just don’t want to admit it?

    1. I feel that because we don’t know about certain elements or ideas e.g. the void we call space, we find it that much more intriguing because as human beings we will forever be curious of the unknown. We use these elements to yes, represent something else, whatever it may be to a certain person (which is the point), but not just that. We use it as a tool because we do not understand it, or even begin o understand it, and this representation has existed for forever. It’s just our instinct, because we NEED to know more, we always need to find out more about everything, but sometimes we very simply cannot, because it is so much bigger than us. This is why space, the sea, fire, the weather, it is so full of wonder. This is why we use it to to express intensity of any emotion or idea in poems or any other written work.

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