My Argument to Those Who Choose to Dismiss

I’m a teenager- I’m not going to explain the concept to you, as it’s quite simple- I’m in that weird age where I’m not considered a child or an adult. It’s a weird in between… the thing about weird in-betweens is that no one knows what to think about it. 

As a child, you’re innocent and naive and all you know is yourself. Time started from the point of your birth and everything is alright as long as it doesn’t affect you directly. As an adult, you are mature and wiser and are marking your place in the world. You acknowledge others around you but mainly it’s just trying to figure out your own life.

But as a teenager, what’s our job? It’s different for every household or culture or region or person. For some it’s learning about the world and deciding your opinion and trying new things. For others it’s following the rules and trying to decide how you want to spend your adult life. And both are respectable!

The tragic thing about the teenager era is your eyes are being opened to so many horrors we’ve only just acquired the ability to understand. In a world where only 8% of its history is world peace, it’s hard not to have your spirit broken down a bit. You start to see society for what it is- diverse. Diverse as particles of rock- fleeting and hard. The thing about diversity is that it comes with a lot of difference. And difference was always a weak spot for the human race.

Anything different from what we know tends to scare us. It’s a natural reaction- clinging on to what we knew and believed through childhood and most of adolescence is instinct. The dangerous thing is our brain power. We turn our fear into reason, and that’s when prejudice happens.

I personally have believed that humans are too smart for our own good. As such a fragile species with so much threatening us- disease, predators, running out of resources, each other- we are extremely afraid of oblivion. We’re too curious.

And it killed the cat.

Teenagers are the picture of curiosity. What exists beyond our realm of knowledge? What is happening in the places we cannot begin to comprehend? Why are those people being treated this or that way? Why are some held above others? How are we different, the same? Why does suffering exist?

We start to question authority. We become rebellious to push our boundaries. We scream to be heard by a crowd that dismisses us to not understand.

Sure, we might not completely understand. We’ve only just start our path to wisdom, after all. But to dismiss us completely is a mistake, no question.

Every teen/adolescent/young adult has experienced being shut down. I remember personally when I was arguing a point on feminism and how we should be considered every bit human as anyone else, when one of my parents instantly shut me down. “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” they said.

I have no idea what I’m talking about. At all. It’s not like we learn about it in school. Its not like I care.

The main problem, I think, are stereotypes. Generalization is easy, which is why we’re so prone to it. Why not? It makes it easier for me to put myself above others based off of aimless rumors surrounding an enormous group of people who are all unique and special in their own way! Why not?

Because it’s wrong.

Just because I am younger does not put me in any position under you. There isn’t a pyramid of wisdom based off of age! If there was a pyramid, i would be based off of experience and wisdom.

Of course, the older we are the more experience we have- but consider this… Wait for it….

Different experiences! Amazing!

It’s almost as if… I have gone through certain things… and maybe know some things… that you don’t! What a find!

Sarcasm aside, consider it for real. Education differs between countries and eras of time. New discoveries have been made, more surveys have been taken, more studies have started and finished and are in process. Time is moving forward irregardless of what you have chosen to hold on to desperately with the mantra “this is what is real and true.” The new generation, the people born past the nineties aren’t all ‘uncultured swines.’ We merely know a different time from you.

Look to your children with respect because you just might learn something from them. Our minds are still fresh and spacey- there’s a whole black space in our heads waiting for nebulae and worlds and stars and moons and knowledge. We pick up on things that your own maybe ancient universe has chosen to start ignoring for fear of spilling out of your ears and being forgotten.

All I ask you is to listen. All I ask is to be taken seriously. Or at least pretend you care, at least pretend you can understand that I have my own mind separate from yours! Because if you don’t listen to us now, we will go into our adulthood believing no one cares and that we can’t do anything about injustice in the world. The same world that we will, whether you want to or not, take over one day.

One day we will be your leaders and your care givers and just the general population who are given the power.

So if you genuinely don’t want to the world to go to crap-

Give us a chance.


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