If there’s one thing that gets on my apparently sensitive nerves, it’s people who take advantage.

Now there’s a very broad spectrum of what is considered to be “taking advantage” – from taking advantage of a great sale at a good store, to actually abusing a living thing because of selfish reasons that have, seriously, no justification.

The point I am referring to is leaning slightly to the right. I’m not being abused- I just mean those people who like to use kindness and generosity and the subtle hint of friendship to their advantage to take advantage of someone else’s skills.

I was surfing Tumblr, like I do, and I came across a post that had several screenshots that came from the show Malcolm in the Middle (which is a pretty good show, by the by). There was a woman who was basically being very rude to the someone who had come to fix her plumbing or something (I wasn’t really focused on what the guy was doing, to be honest). Lois, one of the characters who was basically the mum of the show, called her out on her despicable actions. The woman responded by saying that the plumber was ‘the help’ so they deserved to be treated that way. Lois immediately told her “no, he is not the help, he is someone with a skill you don’t have- which is why you hired him!

This is a perfect example of taking advantage of a person’s skills (although in this case the woman was actually paying the man money).

In my English class, there was someone (I won’t say who, of course) who I shall merely deem… Dude. Dude wasn’t particularly great in the class as English wasn’t his first language. I- because I’m friggin’ nice- helped Dude out quite a lot. We became good friends in that English class.

Over time I noticed something- as soon as the bell rang, Dude would put his head down and leave the class. No good bye, no nothing, he’d just leave. Really fast.

Then I noticed something else. Every time I saw Dude in the hallway and would raise my hand for a ‘hi,’ he would literally look the other way. Like, literally turn his head.

I started to get suspicious and then it hit me- ’cause this wasn’t exactly the first time this had happened in my short life.

I had become the help.

I realized that the only reason Dude talked to me in English was only because of how I could benefit him. I was, with no modesty, one of the better students in that class, as English is one of my passions- so I was happy to help him. It was alright because he was nice too. Until I realized that he only associated himself with me because I would give him answers.

No wonder he kept leaving so fast- it was because the minute that bell rang, his time was over- he had no use of me any more, so he would clock out!

I decided to promptly change my attitude- I got cold. I built a wall around me whenever I entered that room and my demeanor would go chilly . Whenever Dude asked me anything, I would just shrug and continue my work.

His attitude changed more dramatically than mine.

After a week of this treatment, Dude approached me (in class, mind you) and asked me what was wrong. I told him exactly what was wrong- I was mad at him because of my own obscure reasons.

So he called me a bitch.

And left.

And he never talked to me again.

Quite frankly I’m glad I’m not ‘friends’ with that guy any more ’cause we all know who the real ‘b’ is here.

Basically my point is, don’t let any one take advantage of you. I could say ‘don’t take advantage of others in any way or form’ but we all know there will always be one person who decides to manipulate others because that’s just their mentality. There are always people out there who try to use or hurt you.

But just for the record- DON’T BE A DOUCHEBAG.

All I can say is, we have to be strong against douchebags like that and just power through it. Flip off life and carry on being you- because we all know how amazing and skilled we are (I’m talking to you- yeah that’s right) and we also know that there are always going to be those with inferior skills and no motivation who just believe that other people are another tool for them to use to mend their broken life. So let’s all collectively be the hammer they bang on their finger, yeah?

SMNJ out.


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